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Gladiator 3on3 Basketball 



The most exciting new league in the area.


If you like basketball, you'll love
the Gladiator 3on3 development league!

Why 3 on 3 Basketball?

3 on 3 basketball play reinforces concepts like court awareness, spacing, passing, on/off the ball defense and most definitely moving without the ball.  Because there are fewer players, more touches of the ball mean more opportunities to make decisions and develop game skills.

According to Head Start Basketball and Hoop Guru players in their league were...

  • 3x more likely to touch the ball than in 5 on 5.
  • 6x as many passes as they did in 5 on 5.
  • 4x as many shots as they did in 5 on 5.

The Gladiator Club believes 3 on 3 enhances the players’ experience and improves their basketball skills at the same time.

Boys playing a game of 3 on 3

Gladiator 3on3 Basketball Club

The Gladiator 3on3 Basketball Club focuses on youth basketball skill development included with a 3on3 league. Players are given an individual skill assessment followed by a personalized development plan. The player development plan is monitor and adjust during league 3on3 games and tournaments. 

Maurice Barnett

Club Program Director

Phone: 512-587-9290